Somewhat a new beginning…

I started this blog to help me on my journey to becoming a great Beach Body Coach. What exactly is a Beach Body Coach you ask? Well, I’m someone that helps motivate you and push you through your exercise and diet regimen. I help keep you on track, and help you through all the ups and downs on your lifestyle change! I also sell Beach Body products, which include great workout programs, as well as supplements and Shakeology.

I’m on a weight loss journey as well. I started at the beginning of the year of 2012. My weight then was 220 pounds.

Beginning of my Journey

I was always tired, unhappy, and depressed. I couldn’t believe I let myself get to where I was. I then began cutting and counting calories, which was hard at first. I always found myself hungry. It got easier as time went on. I also began to do Zumba, Sweat (hip-hop Zumba), pole fitness, jogging, and some weight lifting. I then got stuck at 175 pounds from what it seemed like forever. I didn’t exactly give up. I kept up with my healthier diet, but my exercise routines slowly became non-existent.  I just felt like nothing was working for  me and became very frustrated.

That was until my best-friend, Meghan, whom I’ve been friends with since second grade said that she was doing the INSANITY program.


After talking to her a bit about it, I then too, ordered INSANITY and couldn’t wait to start. After starting INSANITY, the first week I was definitely sore and felt like I was waddling around everywhere. Then, as time went on, the soreness became less and less and I never realized how much potential I had. After talking with Meghan again, and our coach through Beach Body (Hera), I decided to also purchase their healthy shakes as a one meal replacement per day.

I was a little leery at first about Shakeology, but it actually makes you feel better! I have more energy now than I ever had. It’s also helping with the weight loss and supports my lean muscle mass that I am surely creating. Shakeology has SO many other benefits.

shakeIt helps curve your cravings of sugar and junk food. Other benefits include: improves your digestion and regularity, supports your immune system, and supports cardiovascular health. It also tastes great as well! There are so many recipes you can find on the website.

Now, I’m into month 2 of the INSANITY program and I have lost 7.5 pounds so far, as well as inches all over my body, and have went from 34% body muscle to 37%.

3 wekk after frt

If any of you are interested in a new healthier and energized you, please feel free to contact me at  Beach Body has a wide variety of exercise programs that can help anyone on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. 🙂  I will continue to post my progress on here. 🙂

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