Insanity Day 5

Today I completed Day 5 of the Insanity program.  Oh boy, I was sweating all over the place. Today’s workout was Pure Cardio. It definitely was a lot of cardio.  There were times where I did have to take a wee break to drink some water and to catch my breath a little. Anyway, I still pushed myself through some of the harder exercises even when I thought I couldn’t go any longer.  Those pushup jacks at the end were killer! I also did the entire workout on X-box One’s fitness app. I beat the score for women in my age range! Woo!


3 thoughts on “Insanity Day 5

  1. impartialme says:

    awesome! I had such a busy day and family is over since it’s a holiday over here so I’m hoping to do it later tonight I don’t want to skip a day!

    • I felt like the workout went by pretty quickly. After the stretch it is basically 15 minutes of non-stop action. 1 minute drills. You will be dripping in sweat, lol. I think the workout was a total of 38 minutes long. 🙂

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